Not Even A Little Nervous?

8 days.

That’s how much longer I have until my life changes in a big way. When I tell people about this change, the most common response I tend to receive is “Are you nervous?” and my short answer to that is “No.” After they hear that, I’m usually one of two things: brave or crazy (I like to think I’m a gentle mix of both).

I’ve thought about it all a lot. The whole thing. Sometimes I have to say it out loud because it still doesn’t seem quite real. Being invited to serve in the Peace Corps Zambia program and teach English for two WHOLE years seems unreal, to say the absolute least.

While I understand that my life is about to undergo some major changes, the only emotion I can convey is excitement. Excitement to see a new part of the world, broaden my global perspective, meet new people, challenge myself and others, and grow.

Hopefully you’ll grow along with me.

P.S. I promise these will gradually get more exciting than me *not* feeling nervous.